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  1. Hello, Here is a graduation project to have 10 volt input into a buck converter (step down), where the output is connected to the microcontroller through ADC as a feedback, so any variations of output (load change or whatever) than stated by the reference set by the user the microcontroller should adjust it and display output signal and status on a graphic LCD. Anyway, I hope you can suggest a good buck converter design where the microcontroller can control the output through the pulse generated for switching of the converter. Many Thanks
  2. yes actually, it has an HDD and MMC to be activated with. I was having ideas of buck or boost converters, but still I need to keep searching.
  3. First of all, thanx for EVERYONE in helping me out in designing a good circuit 5 to 3.3V
  4. I want it for minimum 70mA, and yet doesn't get affected much by loading effect. Many Thanks
  5. I would like to know any ideas of the simplest circuit to convert 5 volt dc into 3.3 volt dc.
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