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  1. Ok well here is the picture of the circuit im doing exept i didnt put the 680R resistors in when testing it out... Ash~
  2. Ok so me not having resistors in series with the LEDs could be whats stopping it from working? None of the rails on my strip board are touching but still i have the same problem it just stays on and i am using a 10uf capacitor. Will adding 680R Resistors In series fix the problem? Ash~
  3. Sorry for double post but if i connect a LED from pin 3 to the plus it flasghees but really fast. And if i connect it from pin 3 the Negative ti just stays on. ill see what happens with both at asme tie and ill edit the post. Ash~
  4. Yeah so if i reverse the capacitor (which im doing now i just plugged in my soldering iron.) it should flash? Ash~
  5. Ok well ive put in an offer on ebay for some 10uf ones. so will this fix what is wrong? Thanks so far youve been a great help! ;D Ash~
  6. Ok well i bought some 100uf onces from ebay lolb ut only cost 2.95 (well i didnt the person im making them for did.) i won tell them and i will buy some 10uf ones. Also can i not use a variable resistor? You guys hgave been the best out of all the electronic forums ive posted on! thnx alot Ash~
  7. Hi well basically i have a hobby in RC cars. A few week back i started to make circuits using the 555 timer but now i want to make them on board. i have cut some board and have soldered all the components on. the only change ive made to the circuit is a 100uf capacitor instead of a 10uf one. the circuit does nto seem to flash the LED. it simply just stays on and i checked everything and no legs touch and everything goes where it should any ideas? i dont know if this is in the right section but i saw somethign else about a 555 here so i posted it here! AsH~
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