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  1. i used all parts the same as specified accept on the electriltic input cap i used a 50V because i didnt have a 16v but that i dont think would matter. i also used ceramic disc caps for all other that still shouldnt matter right?
  2. another question the circuit seems to latch in the high state and when i abruptsl contact the probes together it goes back to the low state. My high state shorted probes is 4.65v and my low state high-z on the probes is 2.12v does this seem reasonable. I also had another question in my case i am only looking for 3 threshhold DC voltages to trigger watering, so my microcontroller will be looking for only 3 set dc voltages. Would it be easier to use the soils resistance to adjust the gain on an op amp producing a range of values based on my op amps gain. Almost like a thermister would be used for temperature. Im not doing data logging so i only need minimal accuracy say dry, medium dry, and wet. But if the output from your design is supposed to be from 2.11 - 4.65V and i van get rid of that latching effect then i can make that work.
  3. i was weasuring it with a multimeter and when i shorted the leads i got the max voltage of 4.65
  4. with this modification to the circuit what should i expect my output voltage range to be, i am not getting that good output. i have a range from 2.11V to 4.56V
  5. cool thanks for the help i think i am going to start gathering some parts and testing.
  6. one more question in the new circuit that you just posted ic1-c the output is not being used is that i miss print or is it just not being used.
  7. With your second circuit that has the blinking led, how would you modify it so you can have a lininer output with moisture vs voltage. would it be simmilar to the configuration of circuit one where the output does not blink. my objective is to try and connect this to the analog port on my microcontroller. Any help would be greatly appriciated
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