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  1. Also if possible also suggest a scheme for the amplitude of the sinusoid to be around 22 to 28 Volt peak-to-peak. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Please could anyone provide a ckt. diagram for a 40 Khz sinusoidal oscillator. A circuit using a IC will also do. OR A circuit using discrete components like transistors etc will also do. In short any 40Khz sinusoidal oscillator design is welcome. Please provide any or as many designs as possible ... all are most welcome. The frequency must be stable.
  3. cant construct a pot ... sorry instead trying to find standard resistor values to satisfy the combination-ratio ... trying hard to find them ... thanks for the help guys
  4. The link given for EAGLE provides a "LITE EDITION" which doesn't allow auto routing. The scale provided in ARES is not valid for actual artwork ... it linked as per CNC ratings
  5. Thanks, will try... have any specific pot for suggestion? Will the pot give required accuracy? I dont think stability would be a factor because after all its the ratio that counts ... temperature coefficients would get cancelled ... hence insensitive to temp. changes?
  6. Please help me with the (schematic) design of reference vtgs. of +2.65V and +3.673V. Accuracy and stability and stability are the most important criterion as they will be fed as analog ref. vtgs to PIC .
  7. gramo, Proteus is great but it ain't free. I had bought the ISIS PROFESSIONAL and ARES suites ..... the simulations are still working but the licence for the ARES has expired.
  8. Thanks for the support. Please could you also suggest a suitable site from where I could download such "newer cad" software-programs. It would be of great help.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion mvs, but pcb123 was a bit tough especially on the "routing" part. Is there a software that can provide facility for auto-routing ? I had downloaded Dip-Trace but it was trial version and is now expired.
  10. Thanks for suggestions and help. Looking forward to implement them.
  11. Hi, Sometimes when I try to access this site it just doesn't open. It gives errors like invalid address or check network status or it just takes eternity to open ..... literally! Why does this happen ??? and this does not happen with anyother site I visit.
  12. What is artwork? (Is it same as PCB designing?) Which is the best freely available software on internet for pcb design / art work? Even a trial version (that'll work for few days) will do ... but it must have sufficient utilities. Also which is easy to learn and use in shortest possible time for a "dummy" , and which one would you suggest for a reeeal scholar ? ::) Please help me in anyway u can ;D
  13. Thanks for your help guys, but a polyswitch aint feasible bcos .... actually it isn't available in the local market and ordering it from net isn't possible. But the idea, you all suggested, of using the rise in current during overload to trigger a ckt. break and again close ckt. after certain delay is great. This I plan to put to use in some way. Soooo...... I am thinking for building something transistorised in nature. You must be knowing the principle of "FOLDBACK CURRENT LIMITING" usually used for overload protection in transistorised regulators. Wellll...... I am thinking whether a similar circuit arrangement is possible over here ????? Right now, we are trying to design something on similar line.... Incase anyone knows where we might get such a circuit readymade .... it would be useful. OR If someone has an experience in building something of similar type they could help us with the ckt. design...... or atleast suggest the components. Any suggestions ????? By the way we are thinking on the right line right ???
  14. What are they? Where do I connect them? The motor has only two wires coming out from it.
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