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  1. You're already been helped here http://www.electro-tech-online.com/robotics-chat/30237-multisim.html
  2. Guy, Do you need to own a company to get free samples? What do I fill in for company field? Edit : Ok, I ordered using my college name
  3. Comodo firewall. http://www.comodogroup.com/
  4. I'm having trouble seeing how both of these are equal. 1/(1+1/jwCR) = 1/(1-jWp/W) where wP = 1/CR I just can't figure out where that minus came from? Can anyone explain this please?
  5. I second this. The dummies selection is a perfect place to start, for every subject you want to learn in your spare time. ( Easy to understand and progress at a steady rate.)
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