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  1. yes i wont... Ill place it on my archive for safety.... Soon when Ill be working on APC Ill be able to fix that problem... rar
  2. yes i tried it with my old motherboard and also with new ones... and the same problem occurs... I still haven't tried to replace the mosfet... I think tomorrow and I will post here what happend.... :)
  3. I'm not a qualified electrician but supplying higher power to a camera like yours damages internal parts like IC especially sensitive chips that only needed a little supply in them... try what ante said... he's an expert on this. ;D but I think theres a little possibility that you could repair it by you're self.... :)
  4. Aw... hehe... thanks for correcting me. I'll try to review my audio electronics basic :( I think the project is quite expensive and I think troublesome in my part. I've been studying Communication Electronics but when I shifted computer my focus turned into it. But I think I'll give it a try and try to post with my finish pic... :) I asked about this project because I want my extra sony speaker to be connected into my computer..... to really enjoy the sounds without buying new stereo speakers... thanks a lot ;)
  5. I have seen that you've used 555 timer and this circuit is a basic up and down counter I believe. In my school we used atmel 2051 to design down and up counters, timers and etc. or combination. We also used a decoder 74ls47 in our design, but our project is kinda expensive because a we bought the micro controller for $ 8. Try to find designs in the internet. :) goodluck
  6. hehe. Ante, I tried to check the UPS using you're diagram but it shows only little similarity on the pcb. The mosfets, resistors and caps are hard to find and not the same as irf740. My supervisor and I decided to indicate the problem and declares the unit defective and will be replaced... thanks ante... ;)
  7. mr rich did you mean all ceramic and electrolytic caps near the flyback???? ante, do you want me to replace CVBS and check video in circuit in the monitor right? i'm still working in the flyback area and havent replace anythin yet. But I will post any progress. I'm off every sat and sun.... I cant work it this days.... ;D
  8. ante, what do you mean by input connector? All I have here is a video in and AC power in. ???
  9. Yah thanks for that. I was planning to use my broken tip 60 watts solder on it. And i'm kinda hesitant to do so. I also found some site that shows a particular problem like mine, but the monitor model is different. The problem is pointing to the same parts as what you've said. It says that I have to check IRF630A (problem shorted), capacitor 150uf 400v caps and R720 (9.3k) but my R720 is 100k near the flyback and see if it is burned but it is not. ;D I don't know if it still has something to do with my video cable not connected or connected to the cpu. ??? I'm still confuse of it.. But thanks for the help ante... :)
  10. i see now. by reading some materials and some of you're ideas it is now clearer to me. what you've given is a active crossover which uses op amps to drive the speakers and I also seen a project in this site a two way crossover but it is a passive one or the a simple one because it only uses caps, resistors and inductors.. correct me if i'm wrong... :) does the project here (two way crossover) can be use in stereo amp?
  11. hmm. can play both mid and hi? so when i make a 3 way crossover my other satellite speaker can be connected to the mid.... :-\
  12. some antivirus software are packed with personal firewall, anti spam and anti spyware. try this softwares: 1. Kaspersky 2. McAfee 3. Norton Symmantec 4. Trend Micro You can download full computer security using azureus software. Download torrents and azureus in www.torrentpond.com.... works great.... ;)
  13. graduate of two vocational course in the same year.... Electronics Engineering Technology Major on Communication/Consumer and Computer Electronics MSU-IIT, Philippines..... LOLz.. hehe ;D
  14. hi audio guru, do I have to connect my two satellite speakers to the tweeter output??? what will happen if i do that? johnc
  15. I see, the irf740 is in parallel with 3 irf740 also. I can see that it is found near the ceramic caps and the source. There are also some burned resistors and transistors near the mosfet but it is too small to determine, and I think they are defective too. I would be glad to see you're APC 500 schematic and see if it matches on my unit here. Thanks ante. johnc
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