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  1. Sorry i haven't replied recently, i have been too busy with college work. Hahaha do you seriously think im going to give you the components and circuit diagrams. :-X I have ran into a small problem with this invention. I need to know where i can get an infra red sensor that will detect at least 25cm-35cm any help would be nice?
  2. Thanks for the good feedback gazza. In the UK Gas is not cheap. (No-where near cheap) I will post back in a few weeks time once i have built the system and have tested it. i will let you all know how it goes. P.S. How much does a programmable thermostat cost? AZZA
  3. I have now encorporated my alarm into the system, so that when it see that there is no one left in the house, it sends a 2 second pulse to the set terminal of the alarm interface. This automatic alarm function can be turned off and on by a SPDT switch. I have also designed the circuit to lower the house temperature by 2 degrees after a 5 minute delay, but i am having problems finding a input for temperature adjustment on the heating display. Any Help with this Connection to the heating system problem would be nice?
  4. Can anyone tell me where you can find a Thermistor on Multisim 8?
  5. Answering too the first reply: How many people forget to turn the light off when they leave the room? Lots of people, this will save money. Secondly, i have thought about intergrating the alarm and heating in with my system as well, so this will make it slightly different from the devices that just turn the light on and off in America. It has been said that people waste 10% of the energy they use in there home because they leave the light on when the room isnt in use.
  6. Ok guys this Idea is good ok. I have already designed the circuit using very few components ok, the whole circuit works, it counts people in and out of rooms, it automatically turns off the light when there is no-one in the room. I know that this design has already been done in hospitals and schools, but not in homes and the design wont be as simple and as cheap as mine. This circuit is specifically designed to cut your electrical bills on lighting, i could connect a room up with this system for only
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