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  1. Then why does it keep spinning in front of my face? Without a battery? HAHAHAHA ;D now i am laughing at you..
  2. hi ante, please take back the shit bag and take a look over here... http://www.overunity.com/index.php Welcome to OverUnity.com The International free energy research forum New selfrunning overunity motor with full documentation ! ! marcoz
  3. listen, there are certain things happening, under your nose. phisycs cannot explain them but they are crucial for , well let's say the future. if you continue to stick with what you know for sure is true, you will never find out what is really possibe. i truly undertand your point of view, like i said i once was there myself. but the gates are open trust me. ther is no need to keep talking against me, we only have one planet our home. and the way it is going now we are destroying it. there are a lot of possebilaites, you can hardly realize because you just keep thinking "it is impossible" but is is not i hope you will find out. there is so much science cannot explain. you need to look at certain thing with a "fresh and open mind" it does not matter because it will come foreward no matter what. but i must tell you, it is nice to be a part of it. i must go now. marcoz.
  4. yes well your model is not only over a 100 years old, it is also incomplete. but waht would you know? you need to know the new law of particle physics...... you think you know it all, but in fact....you don't know nothing at all. it is very obvious.
  5. oh no, we are not. we are talking about ignorance. i hope one day you will see the light. M
  6. it is magic... nevermind.... In ancient times monks of Tibet With music found that they could get Rocks and stones to levitate - Against the laws of gravitation In disbelief by western nations. Around about 1895, a Keeley boffin did arrive, It's elementary, you must be fools, It's all related to intervals. Not only that, but he had a notion, How to create perpetual motion. Some years later the American nation Saw in print this revelation. The government were not impressed, They declared it SECRET with great zest. It is quite laughable to say I was attempted by N.S., S.A. From what they published there's no doubt They haven't much to shout about. THESE MONKS KNEW A THING OR TWO. Three frequencies must be played in bursts, All three below 100 Hertz, And if you've got the signals right, You will behold a wondrous sight. REMEMBER THE INDIAN ROPE TRICK. Although it has not yet been stated, Schuman frequencies are related. Combine this with what Keeley said, See objects float above your head. To get results don't throw the dice, Geometry must be precise. If you would rise above your station Be sure to use the right equation. Think carefully, don't be naive, Standing waves you must achieve. Tonight before you go to bed Think on what Tom Beardon said. If you would build a pyramid Do what the Tibetans did. I'm sure by now you all well see - A need for mental agility... May the FORCE be with you..
  7. there is soooooo much you apparently do not know anything about. i am not going to explain it to you that's for sure. you are already been proven wrong. marcoz
  8. guess the peepz over here do not want free energy:)
  9. dear audiogury, this is not perpetual motion it deals with things well known and of which i think you know nothing about... just because you have the words "electronics god" below you name does not make you a god. i will tell you this: you are wrong on the coil and you are wrong on the motor. the problem with people like you is, when they evenatually find out the were wrong afterall they will quietly walk away making this words of mine a waste of time... M.
  10. maybe it is better for you to try something before speaking because i know for sure there is a lot for you to learn. marcoz
  11. somebody told me 1 mm was about 1000 volt. marcoz
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