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  1. EDIT: I find UA741 OP Amp, it is 44V, its not decompensated.... Ok I try it with some 44V OPAmp. I can buy OPA445 now, but for $14.11 per unit :-D Its wery expensive, so its better to buy professional lab power supply.
  2. I can buy: LF356N, OP37, OP07, NE5534. It is possible to use one ot those? EDIT: I can buy OPA604 - 48V supply voltage
  3. Czech Republic - Europe, Alll distributors of electronics parts doesnt have OPA445, and if I want to buy them, i must buy 100+ pieces... :-( Iam not crazy.
  4. Thank you for super-quick answer! So what now? I find next Ha7-2645-5 OP, but best is OPA445 isnt it?
  5. Ok thank you. I have one more question :) It is impossible to buy OPA445 in my country and TI dont send free samples for me. I can buy LM143 (SG143) OP amp. Will those op amps work or I must change some parts?
  6. I replaced TLE2141CP with OPA445 (I try many others OP amp but 100% work only OPA445) and replace 24VAC TR with 30VAC to get max voltage 30V and now, in simulation PSU work. Both V and I regulation work perfect. But I have next problem. If I measure output with osciloscope I get 20kHz oscilating about 200mV AC. Where can be problem? If I replace output 10uF capacitator with 100uF, oscilating is now pretty low in uV. But this is not right way.... Can somebody help please?
  7. Hello Iam new there. I have problem with this PSU. I designed it in the Multisim simulation, but doesn't work. Used modified partlist, 24VAC TR, BZX83C5V6, I have troubles with - 5.6V D7. I using TLE2141CP OP amps in simulation and if I connect U2 to the -5.6V, then voltage drop to 800mV. If I connect U2 pin 4 to GND, then PSU work, but LED slow flashing :-D. It seems that RV1 don't work. It is possible to test this PSU in simulation or PSU in simulation don't work? I mean that it must work. I have 100% correct wiring and parts. Please help.
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