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  1. Hi AudioGuru, Thanks about the valuable informations. I was jz tring to calculate each op-amp's gain (necessary for my project report). Currently learning to use ADC and ATMEL8051 for the interfacing purpose. Will post my results here for comments if there's a breakthrough. I will use a standard electronic stethoscope which is sold on the market and compare the signals obtained from it with the electronic stethoscope 2 posted here. Try to calculate the percent root-mean difference between these 2 and analysis the quality of the circuit.
  2. I'm a newbie here. How can i send the output of the electronic stethoscope to computer through serial port ? I use MATLAB to receive the signal. I need a ADC and a Microcontroller as well as the RS-323 to do that ? The level of the signals must be shifted to the positive range before i can digitize it rite ?
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