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  1. As I am a beginner I dont know what is the component in the image below. Please tell me the component and the function of it Thanks! sabharish
  2. first visit the site freeze.110mb.com and then try going to the img address.I cant post in the thread bcoz the images are toooo big and I cudnt scale down in size..:(
  3. I am a newbie to the field of electronics. I am 13 years old and I am greatly interested in knowing the deep levels of gadgets. I need help in constructing a RC car which can move forward , back , right and left. I will be happy if anyone tells me the basics and the circuit diagram of this thing , and the purpose of each component in the circuit. I opened a similar RC car working at 49Mhz and there was a small PCB inside it which had a RX-2 microcontroller and the Remote control transmitter had a TX-2 Microcontroller,,and there were several resistors and capacitors. I am a complete zero in
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