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  1. No sorry I don't have any specs sheet. Here's another link: http://www.sawafuji.co.jp/english/tech/shindou.html I'm sure that motor need 24VAC and using 4 A max. thanks you for your comment
  2. Hello everybody , I am trying to power a 24VAC Sawafuji compressor for a small camper van refrigerator (like Westfalia). http://www.i-m-d.com/engel/Tech.htm The Sawafuji Swing Motor need a 24VAC alimentation. I would like to plug it on the 12DC battery. My problem is how to do I got from the 12vDC to 24VAC? I cannot find an inverter or converter that can just convert DC to AC on the same voltage. And i don't want using standard inverter 12VDC --> 110VAC and using a transformer to reduce the voltage to 24VAC because I'll lose power. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
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