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  1. Thanks for the suggestions tikbalang - a couple of points on your reply: standby and hibernate mean he same thing to me, there may be a subtle difference, all I meant was I didn't want it sitting there with the fans running constantly in a powersave type mode. I experimented with the hibernate function but for whatever reason the pc didn't reconnect to the ADSL until it detected mouse or keyboard inputs, so I abandoned that in favour of a cold boot which I would prefer anyway. The captrick link was interesting but not quite what I'm trying to acheive. I had considered using an external modem
  2. Thanks for the reply. First of all, I have no concern about turning the computer off because once it has started up, and sent me its IP address, which I have already sorted, I can take control with PC Anywhere and shut it down. In the event of that failing I will have it set to hibernate after a set time. Having read about other projects here, it looked to me like I should be looking to maybe use a transistor as a switch rather than a relay, but I don't know what type or rating or how to wire it up. Relays I understand, transistors I don't!
  3. I'm sure there is a very simple solution to this but I only have a very basic knowledge of elctronics, but I am a 'dab hand' with a soldering iron! I want to be able to power up my computer at my holiday home so that I can look at a cctv output. I don't want the PC on standby all the time. I need to 'short' the power up pins on the motherboard. I figured if I used an old mobile phone and took the voltage from the 'vibrator' I could use that voltage to power a relay and create the switch. Unfortunately the voltage output for the vibrator is only around 1.5v and not enough to 'trip' the relay I
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