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  1. Tons of circuit online http://www.seekic.com/circuit_diagram/Electrical_Equipment_Circuit/Improved_lamp_dimmer.html http://www.seekic.com/circuit_diagram/Electrical_Equipment_Circuit/Low_cost_lamp_dimmer.html and so on Don't go and kill your self :)
  2. Ahh yes, thankx - Peak power :) Ok, but the 81VAC (600W ish 8R) still seems high to me, as it says 300W RMS 8R on the back, and the external speaker is parallel connected to the internal speaker...
  3. I'm repairing a chinese amplifier for a subwoofer and don't get it The amp powers the internal speaker and you can connect (in parallel) an 8 ohm 300W sub. So I assumed that the amp would give 600W(ish) in 4 ohm, so that the marking on the bok fits (8 ohn 300W external sub) But the capacitors witch is faulty was 100V (all of them blown), the transformer gives 81V-0-81V witch is about +/- 115V - should be enough to 1500W or there about? or am I completely wrong?
  4. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/06/20/bofh_2005_episode_19/
  5. Nope, but it will probably give some "interesting" results :P
  6. Just found that the 6502A runs at 2 MHz - but I don't know if it is with a 1 or 2 MHz x-tal
  7. Here are the schematics http://www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/schematics/computers/vic20/index.html there is a CPU running at 2 MHz you can out stright in (can't remember the name), you don't need to change the x-tal (6502DX2 ?? 8)) when the VIC was hot you could buy a 4 MHz upgrade for it !!!, the problem with just changing the x-tal is your timing gets screwed, the timer and disk drive woun't work any more
  8. Yes, well, 1.01 to be correct ;D
  9. What chip ? - the CPU ? it is the 6502
  10. Looks more like RAM (the control for it) or the char. ROM
  11. The C64 is using a 6510 :P One of the best places (I think) for Commodore stuff is: http://www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/ Miss my VIc-20 - it has alzhimers :'( - a known problem in old VIC's... But all my C64, spectrum, lambda, amiga, spectra video, sort, amstrad, new brain..... still works 8)
  12. Try looking at these http://pages.prodigy.net/rich_demartile/ something like that ?
  13. Yeah, been busy (got married and stuff) :P on the last page of this post (page 3), there is a .pdf file called SMPS_POWER.pdf - with alot of examples of switchmode power supply's
  14. Hello I am on the lookout for a 12V 3,33A powersupply (for a TFT monitor), the one on page 54 looks almost simple, and it gives 3,5A 15V but that can probably ber changed easy. But what about the T1, there is no description of that? - or have I just missed it another question is, if the TFT goes into power save or gets switched off, can the switchmode PSU deal with that?? (or does it need a minimum load?)
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