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  1. i am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology in Bicol University, Legazpi City, Philippines.. am working now in something not related to electronics but am still planning to continue my studies to earn the degree in BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering.. 8)
  2. Thanks for joining.. see yah 'round... 8)
  3. i visit eLab everytime i can get my hands on a pc with an internet connection.. though, i dont post often, i read a lot... this way, i learn a little something everytime... 8)
  4. it is also in this site... just serach for it.. please be advised that you need to read thoroughly about it.. it has a lot of problem.. 8) good luck!
  5. oh, hi domingo! obviously, that is your first post so it's understandable that you are not yet aware of the regulations here.. this is an international forum and of course it is an ENGLISH ONLY policy in posting to the threads.. about your concern, can you please post the link where you found the power inverter project.. you can actually search the forum for discussion about the project.. 8)
  6. as much as possible, please avoid threads like these... yeah, i agree that there is nothing wrong with clarifying things, but the thing is, please make it OBJECTIVE.. avoid SUBJECTIVE statements or questions.. (did that make sense? i hope am not mixed up! or messed up ;D )please focus on the disputed explanation, not to the person who posted it... thanks! 8)
  7. during the college entrance exam, i passed an engineering course, Geothermal engineering. then, there is this scholarship that doesn't cover the GeoEng.. electronics was my first choice from the list of courses covered by the scholarship. when i was a little kid, i used to tinker with my toys and that quite got me hooked up with electronics from there...
  8. WOW!! :o i've been gone a long time!! Nice UPGRADE mixos!! LEVEL UP!!!
  9. What kind of game is it? can you tell us more?
  10. I prefer Yahoo Messenger 8) .. it's more popular here in our country compared to any other Instant Messenger.. For me, it is better than MSN.. but in fairness with MSN, it has better video quality than YM.. I only use MSN when talking with audioguru or Staigen and to the rest of the members of eLab..
  11. i think zak's post is responsible for this ;D .. he posted a link.. i believe that links can't be truncated.. 8)
  12. Hi MP! ;D that was a nice trick! :D but the thing is... that's somewhat " 8) advanced 8) internet 8) browsing 8) skill 8)" i don't think an average user can figure it out that easily... :)>-
  13. uhmmm.... :-\ Great topic for a poll, don't you think?! ;D majority wins! eheheh ;)
  14. logan_dslasher


    two hours ago, i tried logging in into the forum but was suprised to see that it was hacked by some TugaRaptor.. >:( am glad that mixos 8) was able to solve the problem.. hope this doesn't happen again..
  15. a breadboard would be a great help.. get yourself one.. assemble your circuit there, taht way, you wont have to be soldering-desoldering all the time.. watch out for the polarity make sure you have the right components and the values.. check and re-check again for a couple of times just to be sure.. 8)
  16. hi mtkee! ;D http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=6022.42 this MIGHT help a little... 8)
  17. actually, i need help with my pc as well.. anybody familiar with brontok virus... the thing is, i have one.. and i really can't remove it.. anybody knows how? please send me a PM... sorry for being off-topic here.. i just need help.. please just send me a PM, dont reply to this message... thanks a lot..
  18. hi dumb ass!! a ;D Staigen has been part of this community long before i was here.. if he were here, am sure he wouldn't like having "F#*K" on the boards... please observe the rules.. tahnks.. BTW, Staigen just sent me a PM at my yahoomail.. he said he have just received my snail mail.. that long, huh?! he said he still have a broken pc and is not really sure when he can be back online.. :D
  19. rybitski, you're really into this, huh?! maybe, you can even do some art work.. sculptures perhaps, like a big LEGO statue.. or maybe simple house decorations.. ;D see you at Ripley's!! ;)
  20. My girlfriend used to wear capacitors as her earings.. once, i made her a greeting card from a 4x6 PCB... nice accesories, dude! 8)
  21. thanks for the reply jpk! ;D I'm not going do to anything with it. even if i want to, i can't.. i knoe nothing :p i already asked a local cellphone repairman, and he told me there is no such thing.. am just asking for a second opinion here.. thanks again.. Kasamiko, 8) could you pls help me out here?! what do you think?
  22. I own a Nokia 3530.. Under messages>>text messages>>my folders i can store messages by moving the messages from my inbox.. Problem is after creating 3 folders, i can only store up to 10 messages accumulated... I had a Nokia 3510 once which is a close relative of the 3530 and that can sture up to 40 messages in the "my folders" question now is, Can I make an Upgrade so that its text message memory capacity would be increased?
  23. just confirmation.. ;) i wonder why he didn't make a post?! probably, he's PC is still busted! :(
  24. kababayan 8) !! happy 33rd birthday!! ;D am just proud that you are here at eLab.. at least someone makes up for my "novice-ness" in Electronics.. ehehehe ;D maligayang kaarawan!
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