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  1. hi wvengineer! thanks for the additional info.. i think i'll just use TWO IC's for the project..
  2. Just as i predicted! It's not available.. what now? anybody knows a replacement.. i have searched datasheets and i came up with.. SN7451 CD4019B 5400 7400 there's also the AND-OR-INVERT gates in HD74 and HD74S series.. what to use now? please advise.. i hope these are available..
  3. waaaa!!!!! there's a PDF file!!! Yipeee!! ehehehe.. ;D Have fun? i will.. thanks gogo!!
  4. DUH!?! could i be dumber that Dumb&Dumber?! Of course, what are the inverters for?! thanks Staigen! I hope the IC is available in the stores..
  5. Is there an IC that has AND and OR instead of NAND and NOR just like in a 4572? Can you please help me find one.. I always end up with 4572.. I prefer using an AND and a NOT.. tahnks...
  6. WAAaaaa!!! It is possible!! It's just now that i found one.. can i use this?
  7. Audioguru and I had a discussion about logic gates last night on MSN. You were "away" so i didn't bother PM-ing you.. I understand that they are 3 IC's.. just a question.. an IC can contain up to six gates, then why is it not possible to have different gates in a single IC? or is it? I've been looking at datasheets and i think haven't seen an IC that have multiple gates in them..
  8. there you gow! thanks! i just wish it has a PDF or somethin'/.. i dont have web access back at home.. anyway, tahnks..
  9. GREAT! but what is that? is that an IC? what IC?
  10. hi! a friend asked for help regarding his project involving logic gates.. its a simple illustration o about how logic gates function.. is it possible to integrate all the kinds of logic gates into one circuit? for example, the output of a NOT gate will be one of the inputs of am AND gate while the other input is the output of a NOR gate.. is that possible? what should i use? i prefer IC than transistors.. Can you please show me how.. tahnks a lot..
  11. Eagle? hmm.. let me see.. frustrating? ehehe.. i can't seem to find a good way to strat learning it.. any suggestions how? what are the basics that is should learn? what exercises can i perform to familiarize myself with eagle? hmm.. does it need computer upgrades to operate? i have a very low-performance computer.. P3, no video card, no sound card, 13G hard disk.. its still very young.. i really want to learn eagle.. please help.. thanks..
  12. ME!!! it seemed that the site was down for a very long time.. "error downlading page" that's all i got the last couple of times i tried logging in..
  13. whoa! certainly none! why would i feel such when i owe the eLab a lot.. yes, i think it is inevitable that defective projects to be posted on the web.. i'm just glad there are expert like you that are willing to help fix them...
  14. Good day to you all.. I few months ago, i was looking for a project to work on for my thesis.. eventually, i ended up working with one of the site's project.. i had it wired as shown in the schematic, it didn't work.. Luckily, audioguru was there, he patiently worked with me.. we were troubleshooting most of the time.. a lot of parts have to be replaced.. from a word of an expert himself - CRAZY! in short, the circuit have lots of problems.. especially that it was a main of component of the circuit that was wrong.. it had me thinking.. who makes this projects anyway? if there are contributors, who filters/decides if the project should be posted or not? i don't have any grudge to the site.. i just want to make eLab better.. I'm also aware that the site doesn't guarantee that the projects are working flawlessly.. it's just that, it would be better if the chances that someone will chose a defective project would be lessened.. i am hoping someone would consider my concern.. tahnks.. :D
  15. i have printed the final copy 2 days ago and this morning i had it bounded.. it's a nice feeling to have the finished study.. i just don't know if the explanations i made there are correct.. thank you very much for all the help.. ;D
  16. i'm sorry, ive spent two days trying to come up with a good explanation why the circuit didn't work.. i have researched about so many topics.. i have read my saved MSN conversations with audioguru and so far, i still haven't got anything "acceptable" the panelist required me to present an explanation why the circuit was faulty. i have already said things like: The IC used in the circuit is an old, simple CD4049 CMOS Inverter. Further research revealed that this IC is designed for a fairly high output current and therefore doesn
  17. during the pre-defense i got 94! eheh.. that's alright.. i don't want all those components go to waste, of course i'll try to make it work.. but for now, i'm still working on the revision of my manuscript. i have to submit it tomorrow for final editing and printing.. iaudioguru, i am sorry i left in such a hurry this aftenoon, i have visitors at home that is why i can't stay out for a long time.. there's no windows messenger installed on this PC. can you please give me some readings about linear amplifiers or anything that has something to do with my project.. (like about bandpass filters) tahnks.. a good website would do..
  18. do they come with tutorial? or manuals? i'm interested in learning them..
  19. hi there everybody! i finished my defense two days ago.. it was fine.. i got 91% even if the circuit is not working..
  20. It's party time!! my LED is blinking together with the beep!! my defense is 13 hours from now!! wish me luck!! i'm gonna need lots of it!! thanks for all the help! it's not yet working though.. i'll work on it again after i finish my hard-bound manuscript! thanks again..
  21. ok. i'll do that. i'll let you know if it works.. thanks..
  22. the circuit is beeping but not blinking. i knwo there is something wrong on how i wired it.. i tried several times but it is still not blinking. i think it has somehting to do with the LED battery's polarity.. i used a BC337 for Q2.. i just log in on MSn after 3 hours.. you could be awake by then.. pls help me.. thanks..
  23. hi keldean! i went to the link given by Ante.. since it didn't automatically download, i have to get it manualy.. i got a zip file.. however, i can't open it.. i think the problem is with extracting it.. i just have to re-download it i guess.. assuming all is fine, with dloading and extracting. what should i do with the file?
  24. what hapens if you fuse the two together such that the the LED will blick together with the beep.. what would the schemtic be?
  25. i appreciate making the schematic for me, but i will use a different supply for the LED.. so there would be a 3V lithium cell for the circuit and 3 button cells for the LED..
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