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  1. what can you say about my professor's idea that i replace the inverters with transistors and opamps? i read them tomorrow.. i have to go now.. tahnks..
  2. Everybody's sleeping!! :( can you please confirm my assumptions as soon as you are available? thanks a lot.. i'll wait.. ;)
  3. so the pin equivalent is: 4049 4069 pin 3 = pin1 pin 5 = pin3 pin 7 = pin5 so on... are my assumptions correct?
  4. hi! i skipped class to ask you guys about something.. my adviser wired the circuit in the breadboard.. he said that although he wired it correctly and have the same output voltage, the circuit is still not functioning.. he concluded that the circuit will not function.. he said that i should replace the linear amplifiers.. IC1a, IC1b, and IC1c.. he wants me to replace it with transistors or OPamps.. i don't know how? is that possible? how am i suppose to wire them? i still think it would be better to use a 4069 instead.. but i am not sure if i will make the correct design with a 4069.. it has only 14 pins compared with 16 on the 4049.. besides, it has a different pin configuration..
  5. A 4069 is better than a 4049, right? i will try a 4069.. have to go now.. i have a class.. i will re-design the circuit while attending my class. i'll have it sent to you for checking.. thanks..
  6. hey! i need proof! can you please give me alink to a site or something that says all about this CD4049.. all i'm getting out of google are PDFs.. they usually contain basic infos..
  7. good day! has anybody built the whistle responder circuit and made it work? my adviser thinks it'll never work.. he said that the IC used (CD4069 CMOS Hex Inverter) can never be used as an amplifier.. i want to know if anybody had already made the circuit with a 4069 IC..even if you haven't built it, i need your opinion if a 4069 can be used as an amplifier like that in the whistle responder circuit.. thanks again..
  8. hi! this day was not like what i imagined it to be.. when my adviser and i met this afternoon, he asked if i had everything with me. i said yes. he asked for the circuit. i handed it to him. he also asked for the spare components i have, including the bread board.. i also gave him the printouts i have - those that were from this forum and also the msn conversations.. after that, he walked away.. he's going to work on the circuit by himself. he said he will just give it to me at school on MOnday... i never got the chance to try the things that you have advised me... anyway, i guess it's better this way.. at least he won't totallt blame me if this thing doesn't really work.. maybe, i'll just tell you how his work on the circuit went when i see him on MOnday.. How will i learn if i can't see how my project is done? :(
  9. i must have totally logged out.. maybe it remembered my login info.. i'm sorry.. anyway, i think i'll just stick with the elctret mic i have.. my adviser just called.. he wants me to come over his house.. we're going to work on the project.. i have to go.. i'll let you know what we can accomplish.. bye..
  10. i have already made 66 posts and until now, i haven't read the rules in posting.. since that was posted almost a year ago, the link in now not available.. where was it moved? thanks..
  11. the site is encountering problems alright, but it's a good thing that the experts here are willing to cross boundaries just to continue helping the newbies like me..
  12. http://www.gsmarena.com/alcatel_ot_club_db-25.php i have this old cellphone which i found while i was searching through my box of "OLD" things.. it is an Alcatel OT Club db.. it's battery is dead and not charging.. it's almost two years since i switched it open. i think it's totally inoperable and repairing it would cost more than buying a new one. so, i'm wondering if i can use its earpiece or mouthpiece as the electret mic for my circuit..
  13. it didn't beep.. grounding pin 5 or 9 doesn't make it beep.. i kinda noticed that the site is down again.. maybe i'll just have to replce my transistor when i got home tonight.. i can;t solder here in the cafe.. our panelist said that even if our prototype doesn't function, they can pass my topic as long as i can give an explanation why it didn't work.. what are the possible problems that might have caused the circuit not to work?
  14. pin2 - 2.8V pin4 - 0.8V pin6 - 0.8V pin10 - 0V pin14 - 2.8V mic - 1.8V when i reversed the pins of my transistor as what is shown in my last post, i haven't heard it beep even once..
  15. Source: http://www.nutchip.com oh no!! what an idiot!!! :-[ i have to go now.. i'll desolder the transistor and rewire it.. i am so careless!! i hate me! i hate me!! ehehehe.. lolz... this is driving me nuts!! i need a rest!!
  16. i was browsing the eLab when i encoutered the fridge door alarm project.. when i opened it , i noticed that the latest post was yours.. even more surprising is what your post contains--- a BC337!! i was surprised to see that the first terminal (if you're facing the transistor) is the Collector.. whereas all this time, i thought it was the emitter.. i got so excited that i made a post in the wrong topic.. i am sorry, the adrenaline suddenly kicked in!! ehehe.... please acknowledge my concern.. thanks..
  17. excuse me, may i butt in? audioguru? you have just showed a BC337 pin configuration. that's the same transistor i am using in the whistle responder right? all this time i thought that the first pin is the emitter... this could be the reason why i can;t get the project to work..
  18. I'll definitely mention the eLab in the acknowledgment of my thesis.. the site has been a lot of help in my study.. I thank God for having experts here that never goes tired of helping newbies!! i would like to commend audioguru for the very big help he is giving me!! Keep this site up and running guyz, you're helping a lot!! Maraming salamat po! (Thank you very much!)
  19. it took my whole sleeping hours to have the final prototype of the whistle responder circuit.. i'm still very sleepy.. anyway, the circuit is still not working.. it's very frustrating.. any more suggestions that might get this thing to work.. when i picked it up to whistle close to the mic, it beeped.. i thought the whistle made it to work.. but i later found out that touching its bottom face, makes it beep... is it still possible to put a light with the buzzer? i prefer the option that it will flash with the beeping sound... i think i better use a separate voltage source for the light.. please remember that i plan to make a switch for the light so that it could also function as a mini flashlight.. thnks.. i need to sleep.. but where?! aha!! maybe later at my one o'clock class!! ehehe.. later..
  20. i will mount it on the PCB tonight.. after that, il'll read your post.. about the circuit DESIGN and OPERATION.. i hope this thing workz.. thanks a lot!!
  21. hey4! i didn't made it yo my first class.. i overslept.. i already cut the wires short enough but i havent soldered them onto a PCB yet.. i still dont have the mini drill i borrowed from a friend... maybe this afternoon.. i talked to my panelist for my final defence.. i inquired if it is alright if the prototype doesn't fundtion, they said yes.. it is not actually important if the project works or not.. what matters is that i tried to make it and was able to show them the output.. they said that i just have to explain why it didn't function.. anyway, since i have already made it beep.. i think you can already make the detailed explanation of the circuit :D please remember that i wired the circuit like the one you showed me when you first modified it.. the buzzer was connected to the transistor's collector and the source. and there is a 4.7k resistor to the transistor's base and pin15.. please also include the LED i was talking about.. you said you would show me how to wire it.. the purpose of the LED is to accompany the beeping tone.. and also, if possible, it can be used as a mini flashlight.. i think i will have to use a separate source for the light so that the life span of the circuit would be extended.. still, i will try to make this thing to really work.. i'm just looking in the alternatives now so that i dont have to cram (this is cramming by the way..) by next week.. the schedule of the final defnce of the theses are up to next week only.. if i can't make my defence.. i i can't graduate.. and that's a bad thing! thank you so much.. i am starting to write charpter 4&5 so i hope you could provide me with the circuit's detailed operation.. ;) thanks a lot... ;D
  22. alright then, i'll solder them.. about the pin configuration i was talking about.. could you please show it to me.. my adviser was worried that i had wired the parts the other way around... he wants to see its pin configuration.. i argued that you have already approved my PCB layout so, that means, i said, that i have correctly interpreted the chematic.. but for the sake of pleasing my adviser, may i please have a copy?
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