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  1. AUDIOGORU!!!!....I need your help......i have a problem with my project....(0--30 Power Spuply).... the symptoms ar: 1- the outpu is always constant at 32 VDC, when i move the pots it doesn't change. 2- the U2 gets hot when i get the Supply on for a few minutes. i have read that the Q1 emitter is wrong, that it shoud we at 0V, but where are 0V, because the circuit is no earthed. So where I hve to connect it in the PCB. then i read that the Q2 2N2219 COULD BE REPLACED BY TIP 31, can you confirm that.......thank you very much!!!...... DJZERO......may e-mail adress is [email protected] sorry for my very bad english!!1 :'(
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