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  1. I have not given up yet either. This info is helping to unfold some of those mysteries of my project though. Still moving forward. KNew it was going to be challenge though.
  2. Master, I need the same kind of data sheets you provided for sti5518 but for the sti3520 instead. I have a sti3520 chip to play with. A very interesting project I have. Need full data sheet for the sti3520. I envy you. Need as much data as you can provide Thanks very very much.
  3. Mr hotwaterwizard you seem to be very good on the web. your sight has gathered quite abit of info on me. I dont mined because I have nothing to hide. At least give me what I seek for the this intrusion.
  4. Also if it anything like the sti5518 data sheet that would be awesome ;)
  5. Man you are good thanks for all your help by the way. Would u believe I was up late last night looking for it. One thing though when I try and open it out of the whole 4.6 mega bytes I can only get the first page. Would you the Data sheet god stroke your grace upon me again and try it once more 8)
  6. I desperately need a data sheet for this hard to find puppy "STi3520acv". She is an oldie but goody. Can anyone please help. I am still looking and will post my finding if I should get so lucky.
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