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  1. ecDB.net is basically a place where you, as an electronics hobbyist (or professional) can add your own components to your personal database to keep track of what components you own, where they are, how many you own and so on. www.ecdb.net You can contribute your own as this is open source.. https://github.com/ElectricMan/ecDB
  2. I need to know some SMPS tx ferrite core model from Farnell UK/ Rs Online UK. I wanna use them for building 200W-700W DC power supply and 500W-4000W sine wave inverter. pls suggest me appropriate part no...
  3. Having problem from downloading with easy-share from my country .please upload the 2 link in deposit files.thanks a lot again...
  4. Thank u very much!!! :) :) :)
  5. Thanks a lot gevv!!! yes it is ok...... :) :) :) Also upload AVR archive with small part!!!!
  6. Hey Gevv, please upload with small part !!!!!! :'( :'( :'(
  7. Hello Gevv, please reupload the file with 40 mb each part. Ihave slow dialup internet connection, so the links expires..... please please please!!!! crying need these files...!!!!
  8. Hello Gevv, please reupload the file with 35 mb each part. Ihave slow dialup internet connection, so the links expire..... please please please!!!! crying need these files...!!!!
  9. Check out this............ www.new-wave-concepts.com
  10. Is there any chip which will be of same function as ICL8038 or MAX038 ? pin to pin compatible is not required. ??? ???
  11. Can we use two blutooth adapter, one for pc and another for USB printer ? ???
  12. I need this e book . pLease somebody post the link Thnks in advance... "Visual Basic for Electronics Engineering Applications :-* :-* :-*"
  13. All the point there will be 9v because the root is same.....
  14. Please no more rapidshare link please ! It is very annoying for dial up user like me. try to use download manager supported site like fileho.....
  15. I saw some sites, they post many magazines but couldn't find Silicon chip. If somebody knows please post the link or site ....
  16. Try to think infraled based ......Blutooth chip will not be available or hard to handle....
  17. Does the manufacturer hates the email address with .net extension([email protected]) ???? ??? ??? ???
  18. Use opera latest vsn and u will be amaged to see how fast ! 8) 8) :o
  19. Do u know where i can find Siliconchip magazine ebook ?
  20. Friends, A impressive idea came in my mind. We already familiar with blutooth wireless printer. But the old printer does not support it. Now lets make our parallel printer wireless. As it will be difficult for using rf so first consider it using infra led. if we suceed then w 8)e can switch to rf. So the point is we have to make 2 ckts. THe transmitter & receiver. first we have to convert the parallel port digital data in analog signal and transmit it through infra led and there will be another ckt which will receive the signal and convert back to digital at the printer. So what do u think ? I know there are many many talents in this forum and if we suceed it can be a great project an we can make our old parallel printer wireless like todays printer. Wow!........ :o 8) 8)
  21. March 2007 http://rapidshare.com/files/18165009/nutsvolts200703-dl.pdf.html February 2007 http://rapidshare.com/files/18158586/nutsvolts200702.pdf.html
  22. No I don't know. If find somewhere I will post..... Welcome 8)
  23. http://fileho.com/download/92ab91832616/Nuts.And.Volts.Magazine.January.2007.PDF.eBook-YYePG.rar.html
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