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  1. Many many thanks to all u friends. I am gonna buy several pieces..
  2. Thnks for uor comment but I heard that it will decrease the quality of filtering... 8)
  3. Thanks Audioguru for your comment.But I will not be able to buy on internet from Bangladesh.Is there any alternative ?
  4. I have planned to build the modified power supply unit and almost all the parts got collected.But the problem is here i did not find the huge capacitor like 15000uF 63V.I found a 10000uf but its voltage rating is 25v.now i am planning to manage it from a wasted elecronic devices like tv,microwave oven etc. Do you know inside where i can find these types of capacitor ?I tried getting sample capacitor from some company but the did not respond.please help me... :'(
  5. I am facing a problem with the 3d conversion.When i convert it then a horizontal bar is rendered in place of some of the components. I downloaded all the png files from the mentioned site.Are these library files? If so then where should I place these ?
  6. How can I order free databook of their products from Texas Instrument..?? ??? Do you know any company from where I can order free databook ? ??? PLZ help me :'(
  7. I want to learn visual basic. So I need visual basic tutorial e-book and also parallel port controlling using Vb e-book.Somebody please help.....!!! :'(
  8. Is there any company which provides power transformer samples...??? ???
  9. The problem is that here in my place low current 5.6V zener is not available.So i am thinking about the second way... ???Here is another idea which i haven't been tested but think it will solve the problem of output voltage going down.Making R6 variable(27K) and by adjusting the pot greater than 10K we can increase the output voltage of OPAMP.What do you think guys... 8)
  10. Hi Arup, I explored everywhere in the semiconductors.philips.com but couldn't manage to get the sample option .Will you provide the link ?Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease............!! ::)
  11. Hi Friends, I need potentiometer as a sample!!! Do you know any company...???I tried Bourns but they did not respond... :-[
  12. I have read all 22 posts here but couldn't find the schematic with TL431 or TL432. Please provide me the link..... ???
  13. Hi Friends, Has somebody made this circuit using TL431 or TL432 instead of zener diode???? I need the schematic urgently. Any help will be appriciated...... 8) :)
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