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  1. Ok. It blew yesterday, and it will probably sit around for awhile before I get to it. Thanks for the help.
  2. I am going to scrap my old computer monitr. Its 7 years old and just blew today. I know the cathode can really shock you, but is there anything I should look out for? Is there a way to discharge the cathode? And another question, when working with high voltages, are you supposed to be grounded or not grounded? In a welding class in school I am taking they say not to be grounded(we are doing arc welding right now), I always thought you ARE supposed to be grounded?
  3. My friend wants to use his cars subs for his stereo. I know a more then most people around here(my family and friends) about audio and audio setups. But I dont have a car yet so I havnt delt with that much so I cant answer his question. Would he just hook them up like a regular sub or would he need converters and/or amps?
  4. It seems that the dollar stores with good stuff are usually the closeout ones, not the big chain ones like family dollar or dollar tree. I havnt been to a goon one lately because I have been busy, but when I go I willjust about anything I think I need or may need in the next year(I plan ahead ;))
  5. Yeah, if there is enough wire then I will take it. I got a ton of wire from some old printers once. But my best find was a $1(dollar store) cable, it was a printer cable but it must have had 60 around 30g wires in it, and the cable was like 8 feet long so I will be good on the small wire for a long time.
  6. I scrap electronics, my last one was a vcr. I got a ton of capacitors, and some diodes. I usually dont bother with resistors or surface mount unless I know I need one then I check to see if its there. I know just about everything I got except some of the stuff from the power supply. There is a pretty big thing that looks like a transformer, but i am not sure. Its black and wrapped with 4 rows of wire, and has 4 leads(2 on each end), and the number 10943 written on the side. I Have one thing that I thought was a huge transistor, until I saw it had 5 leads. It has a number on it: STRF6552. What is it? I searched google but didnt find pictures and many different prices(from 50c to $40). I have some other stuff, they look like electrolytic capacitros except they are totally round, solid black, and have a dot then 100 on one, and a dot and 330 on another. Could they be chokes? I have some other stuff but dont want to describe them because I will suck at it. I will try to get a pic of everything somethine, but for now do you have any clue what I said so far are?
  7. Are you triyng to find the capacitance of surface mount caps?
  8. Not trying to screw companies or anything, but return it and tell them that it just stopped working and get a diferent one. You could have blown anything in there, would be very hard to fix unless you can see something burned or something obvious.
  9. Mouser has the SMD resistors, but not transistors. I know ebay has SMD transistors(the common 2n2222, 2n3904, 2n4401 ect...). You can check futurlec.com, and digikey.com.
  10. Whats a 68000? I still have it so can get it off still.
  11. I just got all of my stuff ftom TI, and its all surface mount. I dont think I will get much use out of them, but I will try.
  12. Yeah, you have to make sure you know what you are getting. I got all standard ones, but on purpose I got 10 surface mount just for testing.
  13. I used Maxim for the 555 and 556 timers. Ti also has them.
  14. Go to the top post in this forum, it says something like "free chips". Just find what you want on the company site and order. But you need to find a button that says sample.
  15. I made an order for samples, I got some 555, surface mount 555, and 556 timers. What should I do with them? Anything fun to do? Anything useful?
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