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  1. And these?
    Black FR4, FR5, CEM1, CEM3, PTFE, Polyimide, Mixed Builds, Aluminium Substrates, Copper Core PCB and PTH?

    Whats the Finished Copper Weight?

    They are the substrate or say the materials used inside the PCB.
    For finished copper weight, if you are working on RF, the thickness of copper will affect the dielectric coefficient of the PCB.
  2. Sure, RF's influence in human's health still not determined. Who knows.....

    But one thing is, if I have a child, I will not use any RF devices near him/her.

    There is also some similar product to bluetooth, like zigbee. But I don't think it will be another technology trend.

    I am waiting for UWB wireless USB, where I think in the following few years, it will be a very hot topic.

  3. I think what you have to do first is to think of how to interface those items: keypad, alarm, camera, door lock to the computer.

    Be honest, if you are using a computer to do the work, everything are far too easy; only you need is to how to write program for interfacing.

    And mostly, "google" can help you a lot!

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