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  1. Have you check the output of your circuit to see if it really TTL signal or a ruined signal?
  2. A carrier will help to transmit further
  3. I think it is about the money! Say for example, a tradition 12V DC adaptor is around US$1.2 while a smps is 2 to 3 times or more in the cost, so as the importer or as customer, what will you choose?
  4. HDD needs stable voltage and I think LM317 is not appropriate in supply voltage to your application, esp. you can't guarantee the resistors values are stable.
  5. They are the substrate or say the materials used inside the PCB. For finished copper weight, if you are working on RF, the thickness of copper will affect the dielectric coefficient of the PCB.
  6. I will use solder iron to make them shrink, if I don't have the heat gun
  7. trigger


    You can use Izarc instead of winzip and winrar. www.izarc.org It is a freeware, so enjoy the "free" stuff.
  8. What I know is, some products keep a resistor footprint for adding EMC components for Lab test while they will use a 0ohm resistor for shipment product...... what for...... reduce cost :P
  9. Or simply say, don't use an RF transmitter near your head :P :P
  10. It acts like a small inductor in some cases.
  11. Sure, RF's influence in human's health still not determined. Who knows..... But one thing is, if I have a child, I will not use any RF devices near him/her. There is also some similar product to bluetooth, like zigbee. But I don't think it will be another technology trend. I am waiting for UWB wireless USB, where I think in the following few years, it will be a very hot topic.
  12. If it has a crystal, it is a superheterodyne receiver with local oscillator, typically 10.7MHz. It is much stable than the super-regenerative receiver. But I can tell if the layout and circuit is fine-tuned for the regenerative circuit, it won't do any significant differences in performance with heterodyne one.
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