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  1. Hi Cody,
    My soldering iron is temperature controlled and doesn't turn the rosin in the solder to smoke, just pleasant smelling steam. The steam rises in front of me, not into my face. I also seem to hold my breath when soldering, so my hands are steadier. I huff and puff a bit beween joints (solder joints, not the other kind of smoking).  ;D
    Reminds me of when I snuck some good stuff into the brownies my wifey cooked for her Tupperware party. You should have seen the smiles and those ladies dancing around! He, he.  ;D ;D

    Try a different brand of solder. I like the smell of English - Ersin but hate American - Kester.

    I do approx. the same as Audioguru...... hold my breath while soldering.... and I will not apply paste unless it is necessary.....

    More is...... I will blow away the fumes..... when it comes up......
  2. Give a try and use spybot:search and destroy  to scan  for checking spyware.... you will get more spyware that adaware doesn't show you......

    Here is the website and it is freeware


  3. Hi Ldanielrosa
          Thanks a lot for the knowledge that you shared. I didn't get what does the caster mean. Guess its some kind of wheels working concept.
    What does dedicated device mean here. Then how to decide which motor will be suitable.

    I will be using a Pentium Processor as said by Prateek. Soon I will be starting to make position control programs for the same.

    Thanks a lot

    don't be kidding....... using Pentinum processor will drive you into nightmare......... unless you got an industrial control board based on intel CPU..... else... don't touch it........

    and most MCU are sufficient to perform motor controls........
  4. I have changed my web surfing using firefox for 2 months.... so far no big problem except some required IE only webpages. And there is no problem in here.

    And I really found out that I am free of spyware  (I am using spybot:search and destroy  to scan) .....

    Previously using IE will result at least 5 to 6 spyware installed after a week....

  5. ISA is no longer commonly available in nowadays motherboard.... except some industrial mini size controller board

    and do not "visually" distinguish the bus .......... get yourself a manual of the motherboard..... it will clearly state what are these!

  6. For lamp switching, I suggest you to use diac+triac for switching on/off, where you can find many of such circuits in the topics of dimmer switch.

    So, is there any meanings on the serial port data? If yes, I think you may need MCU to interprete the serial signals at receiver side .

    For transmitter and receiver, I think you can find many circuit in this site and some hot topics within this forum.

    The system seems not so complicated, just what you need to do is step by step doing so.... and many experts here (except me :P ) will give you much help.

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