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  1. haha...... ;D

    I have opened my poor monitor some months ago... since it got some strange color....... oh....... it is some loose connection between the PCB sockets and the cathode ray tube pins ........

    I found that PCB, with high frequency components are all covered with a metal bracket........ so ........ if it is not a shielding then.... I will got a big buzz at my desktop amp......... :P

  2. What I mean is both Ceramic capacitor and Electrolytic capacitors are worked together as a DC smoothing.

    You are right audioguru, 0.1uF Ceramic capacitors are as a low pass filter to shunt high frequency to ground while electrolyic capacitors are more like to handle the charge and discharge time of the DC voltages during the rippling.

  3. I built a single transistor AM transmitter which worked from 300MHz to 600MHz (adjust the capacitor across the L) which is used for digital data transmission.

    I am so lazy that I use the L in the LC tank to act like the antenna and make it as a track loop on the PCB. Actually, I have no choice as I have to use simplest components in that part of the circuit. (I can use saw resonator as RF oscillator but the required transmit frequency does not have a standard one)

    The frequency drifted is approx. 5 to 10MHz and I have to use a wide band receiver to cover the drifted frequency.

  4. I think a 486DX-66 with a lot of RAM can serve well as a web, ftp, mail and other servers if it is using Linux. :P

    Be honest, still, no Linux platform is as user-freindly as Microsoft does..... that is why I still using MS and pay some bucks to Bill Gates.

    Anyway.... back to the original topics.........

    Have anyone tried to use the free simulator of Linear Technology??

  5. More to play with ISD IC, you can set the address pin and record say for example, 2 messages with 5seconds time; and also can play them back also.

    I have done this in a keychain recorder which serve very well. 8)

    Later I will give out a schematic how to do it and also some pictures of my designed product.

    (next week I will post..... got a lot to work on with my examiniation......... )

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