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  1. Hi, I've built this project in a wiring board and it works, so I'm studying the whole ciruit now... but i wonder what function the diode D1 together with R2 has ??? And if i want to increase the frequency of the (piezo sounder and the LED), i can easily decrease the resistance (R3) or the capacitance (C1), right? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I'm trying to build this circuit in CirCad (all components are SM), it's almost imposible to get the PCB without errors ... it has to be short somewhere. My question: is there any automatic way to build the PCB in that program (CirCad)? Any suggestions please! Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you so much Audioguru for the help ;D I'll ask again if i face a trouble ... :)
  4. Hello, Can i use surface mounted capacitors instead of the two capacitors in this curcuit? http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/oscillators_timers/008/index.html And what's the value of C2 ? is it nano, piko ...? and can i use a LED instead of the piezo sounder (just to indicate).
  5. Thanks to inform me about the 7447, i didn't find 4543 in multisim so i used 4511 instead (but changed the display to "commen cathode" instead) and finally it's working now ... Thanks again
  6. Yes, i think so too that it should count when it goes low. But it doesn't in the simulating program ???
  7. i connect pin 14 to pulse generator (1Hz, 10Vp-p), but it doesn't count... i think there is something wrong in the circuit i connect in Multisim.
  8. Hello, I tried to simulate this circuit http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/misc/012/index.html in Multisim, should pin 14 (count in) be connected to a 5V or GND or ...? Can you help me please ;D
  9. Hi Audioguru, Yeah, i saw it. It's so cool, amazing products... they are the leader in automotive audio systems. ;D ( speakers, amps, navigators ... in best cars Lexus , Porsche & Chrysler ... ;D)
  10. aha, thanks for the info ;D
  11. Hi, Is "Harman Kardon" a swedish enterprise/company? I'm just curious to know... ;D Thanks
  12. Hi Mr. Audioguru, Thanks for the explanation of the "fake" power of the car stereo ;D Yes im sorry i forgot to say how the speakers were wired. I chose 8ohm each to get 4ohm in parallel connection. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, Fig. A is a normal connenction of car stereo which has 4-channels. Can i connect like fig. B? What are the consequences, if there are? Can the stereo be overlaoded? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I've a digital sattelite reciever (samsung) which doesn't detect any signal... I'm sure that the dish is in right position (my other reciever is detecting signal and working normally at the same position of the dish). Do you think it's a physical wrong for eg (module or something like that) or ... ? Thanks :)
  15. Hi again, It works now ;D. I've changed the board and the two capacitors. Thank you Audioguru for the help :)
  16. Ok, i will change the board ... do you think this board is good (attachment)? Sorry they were Tantalum capacitors which i used not ceramic, should i change them too, to electrolytic?
  17. I didn't use the pcb layout on the datasheet. The IC doesn't get hot when in use ... I used ceramic capacitors (polarized) C1, C2 ? they don't need to be elctrolytic, right?
  18. I've tried to connect it directly to the car battery, but it's still the same problem ... I've checked out another web-shop to be sure about the differences between these ICs and it looked like this attachment: they are two different ICs.
  19. The DC voltage between pin 8 and 10 is about 1,6V. Impedance 4 ohm I use headphones output as an input to the power amp. I've tried with 14V power supply,
  20. Ok, I've attached it again and i hope it's clearer now... the supply voltage i use is 9V. The only difference between my circuit and this schematic is that i use the tda2005 S , not tda2005 M, so i dont know if it works.
  21. Hi Mr. Audioguru, I was waiting for your answer tda2005.pdf
  22. Hi friends, Are TDA2005S and TDA2005M diffirent? I know S = Stereo and M = Mono, but can i for ex connect TDA2005S as a bridge? I did it but it didn't work !! ??? The stereo one gives 2 x 10W and the mono gives 20W. Please help ;D
  23. Hi, I need to fix my TV NOKIA 6352 NICAM. The picture has a concave shape like this: I think i have to change a little capacitor in the module but the problem is i don't know where is it in the module ??? so i need a schematic ... Do anyone have an idea about this problem and how to fix it? Thanks
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