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  1. I have taken the motherboard CMOS battery out of a Hewlett Packard Compaq Presario V3142AU laptop and the battery is dead. I have located a battery with the same specifications without wires attached and no plug. This battery... Uploaded with ImageShack.us ...this is what the removed dead laptop battery looks like... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Could I solder the original wires to the two terminal tabs, I note one of the tabs is very big, without damaging the battery? I have 40W soldering iron and I should be using a 25W soldering iron. From what I have experienced with soldered motherboard batterys the solder is more like a weld. I would wrap the finished battery with wires with heatshrink or maybe insulation tape. Because one of the terminal tabs is very wide would that affect the power from the battery to the laptop motherboard?
  2. A Happy New Year to everyone. I am please to tell I repaired this power supply. I replaced a 6800uF 10V capacitor with 2 x 3300uF 10V capacitors and the other 5 bulging capacitors and using it in my #1 computer. What I found out is the missing component may have been a manufacturing component used to test the unit after manufacture then clipped off before sale. Thank you for somewhere to come to let me think.......out loud about this power supply unit problem.
  3. I am repairing a CRS Switching Power Supply , Model: MPT-460EP PMC-1039-EPS-NT . Capacitors were bulged and I have replaced them and I noticed something is missing from the board. I have taken a photo of the area on the power supply board that shows the area where the missing part was. The area on the board where the part is missing is labelled R22 and seeing the R have guessed wildly the part may be a resistor with a value of 66 somethings. I have not searched for a schematic of the power supply yet and am wondering if the figures give an indication of the type of part I am looking for. By nickleboms at 2009-12-12 Edited: I did a little research and think what I am looking for may be a Resistor of value 66mA . Can someone confirm this for me please?
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