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  1. Thanks Sukhbinder, Can you please let me have the data sheet for this CMOS IC (7555) Musty
  2. Hi, I think it is not very ideal for us to solve your questions just like that for you. Why dont you surf the net for the answers, this will make you learn and understand better. Whe you are spoon feeded, it's not going to help. However, experience people are in this community to help you when the need arise. Answers to your question are in digital modulation and transmission. You also need to understand various kind of shift keying like ASK, PSK, FSK, QPSK and so on, these are clue for you, sooooooooooooo, surf the net!
  3. Thanks a lot Audioguru, I hope somebody help me on time
  4. Thanks Audioguru, I have actually experience the gate problem at 4518 and I understand the necessity for a pulse-stretcher but I dont know how to design for this? I want your opinion on the trigger pulse synchronisation between 4017 and 4518, it seems there is delay? Once again, thanks for your responses.
  5. Thanks Audioguru, I understand everybit of it except the resetting issue at 4518, what could be the solution? Pls, look through the transmitter? However, I am already arranging the components for testing Once again, thank you
  6. Thanks Audioguru, So, I can attach the bypass capacitor to pin 8 before Vcc? I also guess that pin 1 is Ok to be grounded directly. Have you checked the connections of CD4017, CD4518, and CD4511. Pls, take a closer look at my resetting of the CD4518? How can I actually utilize mickey mouse AND gate to achieve the resetting?
  7. Thank you Audioguru, Pls, I still need explanation based on request below What I am not sure about is the connection of pin 8 to both ground and Vcc, also, the reset pin 4 is not connected.
  8. Hi Ante, I have tried it on a breadboard but it seems there is no transmission from the transmitter and I can not ascertain the behaviour of the receiver from this. Hi Audioguru, I absolutely agreed with you on the power supply unit and for the monostable circuit, I made a mistake with C3, its actually attached to the pin 6 and 7 after R5 before connecting to ground and not on pin 1. Pin 1 is direcly connected to the ground. What I am not sure about is the connection of pin 8 to both ground and Vcc, also, the reset pin 4 is not connected. I also want your opinion on my timing circuit, that is R5 and C3.
  9. I have been waiting for your response folks, please, reply
  10. Hi Folks, I posted sometimes ago that I needed a circuit for a ‘remote ceiling fan remote control regulator’. Thanks to NURA that gave me an explanation on that but could not draw the circuit, perhaps, due to time constraints. I have been so busy myself, but I had to squeeze time to design these circuits, which is now posted for your criticism. I prefer 4518 and 4511 to 4026 based on my survey. I have also generated a pulse of 0.11s from the 555 timer IC. I want your advice based on wealth of knowledge on the functionality of this circuit, especially, the value and connection of the active and passive components. I want your explanation on the Mickey Mouse AND gate operation i.e. the value of the resistor, the two diode values, calculations and principle of operation. Also, I want simulation software. I tried Circuit Maker 2000 but no success. Please, help me with all ASAP. Musty
  11. Hi Nura, It seems you are very busy lately but we are still waiting for the schematic diagram of the ceiling fan remote control. PLEASE! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! Musty
  12. Hi Nura, I guess you've been so busy lately. I and host of others are still waiting for the schematic you promised us ??? Best regards, Musty
  13. Hi, again, I really enjoy the explanation (BOM) and I am now clear with how to connect to the fan motor coil but i really need the circuit diagram as you've promised. Tanx Musty
  14. Hi Nura, I have tried my hands on the circuit, but my problem is how to connect to the fan motor coil. I really appreciate all your efforts via the email. Best regards, Musty
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