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  1. Nevermind...not looking for questions here on why not this or that. Was looking for help with building a circuit. I went and hired someone that could actually do it. Maybe I will post my schematic here when completed.
  2. I can pay you for your time on this project, just give me a quote. I need some help for a speed sensor project I am doing. My plan is to have a laser pointed at a sensor at "Point A" and another laser and sensor at "Point B". The objective is to start a clock mechanism when the beam is interrupted at "Point A", and then stop the clocking when the object passes through the laser at "Point B". I then need this device to calculate the speed (in mph) based on that time and display the number on a LED number display. The distance between "Point A" and "Point B" will be 1 inch. The max speed of the object passing through the lasers is about 150mph. I assumed there would be existing circuits I could buy online but I can not find anything so I am trying to build my own. I have limited electronics experience so if you have a solution, please sketch me a rough schematic and details about the chips a other elements I will need and a price quote for your time. THANKS!!!
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