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  1. I just purchased a Mastech Variable Linear Lab Power Supply 30V 6A. Obviously this unit is built in China and is distributed to various U.S. companies who slap their sticker onto the unit. It's a regulated DC supply. Sure enough, it produces 30 volts, and 6 amps of power -- just not at the same time. At 6 amps, voltage drops to about 1.5 volts as I power a motor. At 30 volts, I can get about 0.6 amps. Really, at $150 the unit is fine. And believe me, I certainly understand the relationship between volts and amps. My question: when looking for power supplies, what spec listed would have led me to understand that this unit could only produce 30 volts at minimum amperage, or max amps at minimum voltage? Also, what would a lab rated power supply capable of producing 30 volts at 6 amps (and everything in between) cost? Let's face it, in some ways a 12 volt car battery (with some simple electronics) at $60 is just as capable as this power supply. Und, that it wouldn't be regulated, but I'd have all the amps I want!
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