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  1. Yes, it's alright for me to pay for international shipping..
  2. Hi rigdoctor99, my location is in Indonesia. Best regards
  3. Hi, I need quote for 25pcs of MC3325 (PDIP) Best regards.
  4. Hi, i need datasheet for FX-20P-CADP Universal Adaptor and it's schematic diagram. Thanks & Regards.
  5. Aan


    Hi, i need service manual and manual for AX0-14MR PLC. thanks.
  6. I can't access to this file http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/attachments/Digital_Panel_Meter.pdf Regards,
  7. Well, i want to detect zero crossing, i need to know where point C to be connected to.. Well, i was in hurry.. :D
  8. Which one should i connect C to A or C to B ? and why ?
  9. Aan


    Hi, I need software to draw symbol/schematic for power electronic. Best regards,
  10. Hi hotwaterwizard, Sorry, but the device is not around me, it's in another town.. :(, i'll working on it.
  11. Hi hotwaterwizard, It's not mitsubishi's JEC-174A, mitsubishi's over current relay has circle shape, right now i have no picture of it, i'll work on.
  12. My mistake, i should have mentioned on my post that these parts are obsolete. My appologies :D
  13. thanks mvs sarma, i have requested for quotation to the website, just wait for the sales quotation. If you have sources in singapore that would be great :D
  14. Hi rigdoctor99, These components are obsolete, so it's rather difficult to find them, i've been looking for suppliers and distributors in singapore, but still have no luck.. Best Regards.
  15. Hi, I need to buy these components for immediate delivery, 1. TAA762; QTY 10; Unit Price USD$0.95 2. UPA53C; QTY 10; Unit Price USD$0.43 3. DAP401; QTY 20; Unit Price USD$0.45 4. DAN401; QTY 20; Unit Price USD$0.45 Best Regards,
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