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  1. Well this is how i create the circuit in blocks....comparator compare two sin wave voltage, when output is 0, the comparator activate digital circuit to activate pump capacitor on the level of voltage from one voltage
    sources. Then the output is equal cross voltage....this is short explanation


  2. Yes it's great,i have been search on manufacture website but i can't find this product...i was repair
    the dc-dc circuit but i cannot repair one ch because the output is burn out, board is damaged and i need
    schematic  for create new outputs. Thanks to help ;D

  3. Hy there,i' need help to create some project. I must create frequency to voltage converter in electronic workbench and simulate. In workbench i have analog IC-s
    operational ampifflier and monostabile, but i dont have already made IC frequency to voltage converter. Frequency to voltage converter is primary part of the project,
    other part-s is easy to create...so i need help to create frequency to voltage
    converter with components in EWB 5... ??? ???

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