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  1. Good Afternoon, I am not sure I understand your question. If you are talking about computer resolution - 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768 is fine. Would that make a difference? If you are speaking of something else, please elaborate.
  2. Thank you. The K8048 also looks interesting w/ a max input of 20V/40mA on the digital input side. But, that begs the question - what is the difference between an analog signal and a digital signal when it comes to measuring voltage? Being the "newbie" I have no clue, however; I would guess analog since the voltage fluctuates, rather than being "on" and "off." And, in the instance of measuring voltage, I want to know more than just "on" or "off." Taking that into account, the K8055 only has 2 analog inputs, and the K8048 has 4, both with a potential maximum of 5V. Again, I am not quite sure even where to start with this project, but I would like to try. The parameters are to measure voltage from multiple inputs at the same time (or switching between them on the millisecond level is fine) and record the values through a computer program. Obviously I can take a voltmeter and measure and watch the voltages but only one at a time, and I cannot record the information in a graph format. So, I suppose you could say I want to build multiple voltmeters which take the information and save it on the computer. Thoughts on how to tackle this project and/or where to start?
  3. Thank you both for the information. I read the information on the ADC but I do not fully understand the process. Programming the picmicro seems easy enough, but wiring it, knowing what resistance to use, etc., I have not completed figured out. Can you suggest a location to learn more information or possibly a site with a similar project. Thank you.
  4. I would like to monitor multiple voltage signals at the same time through the parallel, serial or usb port. The signals can be monitored on a rotating basis based on the speed of switching from one line to the other, however; I am not familiar with how to read the voltage. For example, I want to monitor the voltage fluctuations on a circuit board, anywhere from 0 - 12 V DC. How could I do that? From the programming (software) side, I have a reasonable idea on how to monitor the port, but from a hardware side, I do not. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you.
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