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  1. Hello KevinIV who are you Hero not a moderator but is a brilliant man and my friend
  2. Hello Hero and Audioguru how are u i sure that both are well ok next Hello Hero in other threat named "Switch mode power supply" you tell me that if you buy a 12V 200W smps then you add a circuit for making power supply 0-30 and 0-5A variale voltage and variable conatant current power supply. If i buy PC P-4 PSU then this psu use as a primary 12V 200W smps first tell me that How idea and how can add a circuit please if you have a spare time then send a diagram using IC (SG3524) beacause this IC is avail in our country easily.
  3. Hello Hero and Audioguru how are tou if i add a circuit that prevent short circuit then this problem solved or not
  4. Hello Hero and audioguru how r u where are you in these days since about 2 weeks i am waiting you please come on internet and solve my problem
  5. Ok Then please tell me that how change in circuit that solve my problem
  6. i am using different fixed resistors and these resistors control with realy's i am using about 3K resistor whose cove 32.5V Ok if i use this circuit for 0-18V then this is right or not as above quote this situation lm338 handle 15W if i use heat sink then this circuit ok or not please explain if i max current limit 5A then how increase wattage above 15W
  7. Hello hero and audioguru how are you my final power supply circuit diagram that attatch Fig 1 the 40V dc supply make using transformer and diode and capacitor circuit the first sec current limiter circuit value of R2 vary from 0.24ohm to 12ohm (current varry 100mA to 5A) and wattage 10W the wattage of R3 is V=0.8V and I = 400mA about 0.5W the wattage of emmitter resistance is = ? Please tell me that this circuit is right or any error in this circuit please under line those error In fig 2 R5 replaced fixed resistors that control using CD4066 ic for open and close these resistors that right or not very very thanks a lot
  8. in my mind that junction where transistor or IC leg sold Case transistor or IC outer body ambient mean air am i right or not
  9. hello audioguru and hero how are you i read this topic in this topic describe that heat flow from junction to case case to heat sink and heat sink to ambient please tell me that what did mean junction to case case to heat sink and heat sink to ambient a transistor sold on pcb where transistor leg sold this is junction or other and what did mean case and waht did mean ambient (ROOM Temprature or other) thanks
  10. i am reading this pages http://sound.westhost.com/heatsinks.htm and then questioning about heat sink very very thanks audioguru and hero
  11. All Ok Please expalin these two factor 1. Qjc Thermal Resistance Junction to Case K Package 1
  12. yes Hello Hero and audioguru how are you how the regulator didssipates 6.1W V = 31V and I = 197mA then P = 6.107W am i right and how the transistors each dissipate 37.2W V = 36-0.925 = 35.075V and I = 5A then p = 175.375W each dissipate 175.375/4 = 43.84W am i right
  13. Ok This situation the heat sink size and how design size of heat sink how the regulator didssipates 6.1W V = 5V and I = 197mA then P = 0.985W = ? and how the transistors each dissipate 37.2W V = ? and I = 5A then p = ? please explain
  14. Hello audioguru if max draw 5A current than max Power dissipation of IC 3V*5A =15W if lm338 use as voltage regulator with transister use as current booster attatch diagram than max power dissipation V = 30V & I = Depending upon BE resistor let 50mA & P = 1.5W am i right or not
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