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  1. it is better to do using micro controllers did you need any help in it
  2. please tell me are you designing a circuit or testing the resistor connections
  3. the CE configuration amplifier is used as power amplifier but it not stable at high frequencies you can change both current and voltage inthe ce configuration if you want to increase the voltage gain you have to change configuration
  4. can any one give the information on simulation softwares
  5. you can connect them in series or parallel but the number of leds to be placed is based on the input power given given to leds if the limit of leds placed exceeds then the light intensity will be low
  6. on which topic did you want to do project
  7. its very simple you will found two terminals of the speaker and i think your head phone have three or four wires on the pin of the head phone you will find three layers Remove the enamel coating on the terminals and connect you will get output
  8. you can build it by only stuying in the books the links are www.intel.com/design/mcs51 www.atmel.com www.semiconductors.phillips.com www.sci.siemens.com www.dalsemi.com
  9. what did you have to monitor in the motor where does noise come inn the motor by applying lubricants only we reduce noise
  10. c programming by grootfried programinnig in ANSI c by Bala Guruswamy lets c by yeswanth singh kanetkar
  11. it will only happen when the polarity changed in the dc mortor by using stepper motor you can do this have you a nice day
  12. please post the picture link does not working to get the answer have a nice day
  13. did want to make a remote control car which can move in front and back only or in all directions???????
  14. you have to attach the circuit diagram with it to get better information have you a nice day
  15. i have to know the power supply used in you country please post we will reply
  16. this is the circuit diagram of pll
  17. did you mean 1 series voltage feed back 2 shunt voltage feed back 3 series current feedback 4 shunt current feedback
  18. if you want to repiar it or make a new one we will surly help you ;)
  19. very simple in the usb there will be four connectors 1.voltage 2.data in 3.data out 4.ground you can use the first and last pins for the charging
  20. scra are constructed with the semiconductor material silicon as it has large for bidden gap we can only rurn on it by increasing the voltage than the forward break over voltage as the gate current increases the forward current decreases ::)
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