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  1. RobiD, Are you using a new Dremel or a old one. Also recheck for loose wire connections. I had the very same problem it turned out to be a loose wire that was only affected from the vibration. Mike
  2. Thanks MP, All is working now. I found in KCam where you can change pin setting so I configured the port pins and now, like magic it works. ;D
  3. Hello All, I finally connected my new board to the computer after testing it with a 555 chip and the motor stepped like it was suppose to but now that it is connected the computer it will not step. I noticed that the input ports are either high or low but shouldn
  4. Thanks for the advice MP...Mikromike
  5. Thanks MP, you brought something to my attention though. The schematic shows C1 = 0.01uF, C2 = 10uF Polarized, and C3 = 0.01uF but the board parts lay-out shows C1 as being polarized. I hope this is NOT a problem, I laid my board out just like the parts lay-out shows, it seems to work. I hooked it up to a 555 signal generator and the stepper motor steps. Also this is my first attempt at making a hobby CNC what software would you recommend and are their any other pitfalls I need to look for when making the CNC machine? My primary goal is to make PCB
  6. Hello: I starting to build this 3 Axis controller and was wondering if it
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