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  1. Would it be possible to manually control the stepping of the controller? I would like to be able to push a button and the motor would do 1 step. I think you would place a N.O. pushbutton switch between the step input of the chip and something else. What would it be? All comments are appreciated!
  2. Does anyone know how to test the controller with out actually hooking it up to a computer? Also, can I use a 100V .01UF capacitor instead of the required 63V .01UF capicator?
  3. (continued from my last post) does anyone know where I can get these parts?
  4. can i only use 6 wire motors or are 4 wire motors compatible too? also digi-key has discontinued the 0.01uF 63v monolithic capacitor (P4914-ND) and the slide on sink for U2 (HS125-ND
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