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  1. Audio, Thanks for the quick reply. This may sound dumb but what does TR1 stand for? It looks to me to be a transistor. If it is what type and value would be correct. The use of the 555 was was give a time delay before all the sirens go off. nothing better than to let the intruder think he got in undetected and then when he least expects it everthings goes off, sirens, warning that the police will be there in less then 30 seconds, fake gas release to make him think tear gas has been released and an anounced warning that if he doesn't get out immediately all doors and windows will become electrified with high voltage. This should scare the pants off of any intruder. He should drop everthing and hightail it out of there pronto. But don't worry I won't be using real teargas or electifing the door and windows. I'll just play a tape of nasty electrical discharge and have a CO2 canister release, which will look like gas is being released. I bet he never comes back to my house again. Better to pick a house where he'll feel safe. The mind can be a powerful weapon of defence when it is played out correctly. Del Try out a tube of that special solder. I think you'll find it as good if not better than the stuff you are using. Thanks again for all of your help. If you ever need a chemistry type question answered please feel free to contact me.
  2. AudioGuru, In your recent reply in Aaron's Forum you discussed adding another diode and a 100K resistor. Would it be possible for you to make a quick sketch of the circuit. Is this the same 100K resistor you suggested to get the bias setup for pin2 of the 555? Would it be better to add a full wave bridge to the output of the electronic stethoscope and then lead the positive output of the bride to pin 2 and the negative going to ground of the stethoscope? Quote: BTW, your rectifier will need a second diode, with its cathode connected to the 555's positive supply, and its anode connected to the junction of the cathode of the other rectifier and the Stethoscope's output cap. Connect a 100K resistor in parallel with this new diode. Then the polarity of the Stethoscope's output cap must be reversed. Thanks, Del
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