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  1. Why not to drop inks through the jets? We could use quick response solenoid to control inks. http://www.parker.com/portal/site/PARKER/menuitem.7100150cebe5bbc2d6806710237ad1ca/?vgnextoid=f5c9b5bbec622110VgnVCM10000032a71dacRCRD&vgnextfmt=EN&vgnextdiv=&vgnextcatid=2887383&vgnextcat=SOLENOID++VALVES&Wtky=VALVES About our skills in programming Our electronic engineer have some skills in programming. But I don't think that he is really expert in it.
  2. I would like to draw 3D pictures on the pavements. http://www.hitlife.net.ua/articles14/767/chillout
  3. An area is differ from 1m x 1m up to 5m x 5x. I don't think that pixel will do the job. Probably better to print with "big drops". But I don't know where I could find this printer. Someone propose me to use high speed jet printerhead. But I don't image to print pixels on the asphalt area 3m x 3m. ... The cost of inks, the productivity, cleaning machine ...
  4. Hello everyone The moment is that one of our client wants to automate the process of drawing pictures on the pavement. We assemble servo drive solutions for different branches. We know how we could drive some device which could print a picture but we have absolutely no idea what device could print on the paving tile, asphalt
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