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  1. I don't know how could I thank u.. ;)
  2. Can u pls translate the KEY's Finder Project into Engl.? regards FloOd
  3. O.k. buddy try this and you can look for more under Projects--Telephone
  4. Hi buddy, O.k. here is the link from the Projects secton from our cute website: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/telephone/001/index.html and under Telephone you can find what your looking for.
  5. Hi guys, Could you please give a link for a 3-pin photo Transistor which is used in IR applications.. Thanx ;)
  6. Hi there, :o Actually, this is my first post here " Hope it to be the first step to the millions" :-[ I've constructed one project similar to those under FM transmitters in the website's project section and what I want to do is trying to extend the range. Should I have more power or play a little with the antenna? Thanx..
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