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  1. I am more of a physics geek then an electronics one, i need to control and monitor a physics experiment. first i need a circuit that will create an adjustable square wave, frequency in three ranges 0 to 10 Hz, 10 to 100 hz, 100 to ~1khz. i need to be able to adjust the pulse width appropriate to the range in question. the pulse must be split between two channels each other pulse alternating between an output A and B. the above will be the primary controller for the experiment. :-\ i expect the critical frequency range to be in the 200 hz to 600 hz range. some how the pulses need to drive a final output to the experiment with a voltage that can be adjusted between 10 volts to 40 volts at approx 2 amp at the max frequency of 1khz. these finel pulses are driving two coils. A and B. this request is probably not not very clear and i expect will have to be expanded upon but it is a starting place.
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