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  1. Hero & Arun, Thanks very much for your input and I have looked into that "interaction" problem and the whole I-Pod idea may be a bit too ambitious - However someone suggested connecting the wall box to a remote CD jukebox - This might be a better Idea simply because theres plenty of used CD jukeboxes for sale at the moment, as pubs & bars are replacing them with digital music formats, (and lets face it CD jukeboxes are never gonna be as collectable as an old wurlitzer) - So its now a question of getting 1960,s tech to interact with 1980,s tech any thoughts . ??.
  2. HI , Just joined the forum and not sure where to post this ... This is an old 1958 SEEBURG wall box , that I picked up on E-Bay a few years ba ck , I originally held out plans of finding an old juke box to which I could connect it , but the only compatable ones are very rare and very expensive - I do like it as an ornament - But it could be so much more - All the selecter buttons still work , Is there anyway these buttons impulses could be teamed up to a modern I-pod or somthing like that - I know its a big project and I,m way out of my depth here, but it would be so nice to make it more than just an ornament . Can anyone direct me to somebody who may be able to advise me further on this matter . Thank you Chris.
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