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  1. Hero is right. This project would be difficult and expensive. Besides that: In my opinion it is not very satisfying to build a 200$ SATA2USB bridge that does the same as a 20$ Adapter from ebay. Invent something new. ;) Theoretically you would need an SiI5923 Storage Processor, an USB3250 PHY and at least an ARM7 CPU to keep them working together. The Software for this would be eeextremly complicated. Really...think of an easier project. ;)
  2. Ethernet+OpSys: I suggest the pretty cheap IMCU7100 by WIZnet. Around 5.30$ for the chip to use in the custom board you indent to build. Around 49$ for a really cool IMCU7100EVB DevBoard with IMCU7100. RFID: Option 1: Use the Eureka EUR211K4910 RFID Starter Kit by AVONWOOD for around 130$. Standalone Chips for manufactoring available from AVONWOOD. =) Option 2: If you want a piece of hardware that is a bit cheaper (but IMHO noobish) try the "RFID Experimenters Kit". You can upgrade the RFID Experimenters Kit with WirelessAbility by use of the "RedBee Wireless Communication Starter Kit".
  3. 0. Think. 1. Buy an Arduino from http://www.rs-components.com/arduino/index.html. 2. Buy an Arduino LCD Shield like this => http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1206025987 2.1 RTFM! 3. Install Linux on Arduino. 4. Install MySQL database. 5. Install a compiler for Arduino. 6. Think again. 7. Program the software. 8. Compile => install. 9. Be lucky. =D
  4. I think that you need to build it entirely yourself to use it as you final project. If not I would recommend the Mulle-Platform available at: http://staff.www.ltu.se/~jench/mulle.html A sample DIY Setup could be the following: MainHardware: Renesas M16C uController (M16C/6C for full USB2.0 connectivity) Purchase from: http://www.renesas.com/products/mpumcu/m16c/m16c_landing.jsp OpSys: RTOS Embeded Linux kernel for M16C Download from: http://www.rowebots.com/products/free_rtos Bluetooth Stack: IwBT Stack as used in the Mull-Platform (see Link above) USB 2.0 Stack: Incorporated in RTOS Lin
  5. Hi folks, first of all I would like to say that you have some really smart project designs on your forum. Congrats! Very very nice forum! ;) *thumbsUp* Maybe it is not the best way to start posting to a new forum, but I have a (maybe) really stupid question. (Please excuse me if it is to trivial or dumb because I'm not really into analog electronics. :) Some time ago I have seen a movie where a guy developed a Software to hijack video playback devices wirelessly feeding a custom signal for playback on all displays in the vicinity. I know thats science fiction and just not feasible because o
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