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  1. TKS, to all that replied, problem solved when : 1] bypassed bad D-C ammeter < guess dropped 2 many X's> 2] i also resolder'd a few loose connections. and to think someone thought it was garbage LOL. <it is - - - but it still works> thanx again 4 all that reply'D. G.
  2. SORRY IF POSTING wrong place, I'm trying to locate a wiring diagram / parts list for EICO battery eliminator & charger #1050. My very old battery eliminator & charger isn't working, rarely used -but- always 1 or 2 smacks got it going. everything on inside appears connected but output <secondary> is now 12v A/C . It doesn't owe me anything , just had it for 30+ yrs from flea market, LUV 2 recycle it bak 2 life then toss it. TIA, furthur, Geo.
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