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  1. I have seen these pico projectors all over the place, I remember a few years back they were supposed to be pretty legit, does anyone own/use a pico for anything? I am thinking about making a purchase but I am not sure I can justify spending the big bucks for something that I'm not really sure will be worth it. Obviously I can do research online and in store but I wanted to get feed back from people who have actually used a pico in their home or at work.
  2. Saw Avatar on a 3D tv...not that impressive oh and the 3D only works on 3d dvds so now if I want to buy the tv I have to replace all of my blu ray movies if I want to watch them in 3D. I am still interested to watch a football or basketball game on a 3D tv. Has anyone watched sports on the 3D? Were you impressed?
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