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  1. The board (power card) I have to make is similar to the one I presented but not a 100% replica. Anyway I have to redesign the PCB. However, I will keep most of ICs.
  2. The address I mentioned reads like this: "Power control and distribution card for ROBUSTA cubesat Full schematics, list of components and ready designed PCB The full schematics, list of components and a ready designed PCB of a relatively cheap and simple to realize power control and distribution card for cubesats, is: ..." If you open the address, in its links you will find everything related to size, including the packages used for each component or IC.
  3. 10x10x10 cm^3 Cubesat Chassis made of Aluminum I have to realize a cubical rigid aluminum structure, roughly 10 cm x 10 cm x10 cm in size, like this cubesat chassis. For PCBs, I know that there are manufacturers where you can order a number of boards designed by you in ORCAD or Eagle. About aluminum structures manufacturers I have no idea. Is it possible to order a structure like that cubesat chassis, I have wrote about, for a total cost of less than $500? Has anybody, on this forum, made or had it made a rigid aluminum structures like the one I want to build? I have no idea how difficult is to machine such a chassis.
  4. Printed Circuit Board for a CubeSat, one kg, one cubic decimeter demonstrative satellite I have to fabricate the double sided PCB of a Cubesat power control and distribution unit similar to this one. Question: Is it possible to make the PCB home using the photoresist method or the components are too tiny and traces too thin for this method to work? P.S.: I would like an answer especially from somebody who really has a large hands-on experience, not just theoretical knowledge.
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