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  1. Hi ,there I want to buy ADE7756AN would you please give me the price for it? The quantity will be 50 pieces
  2. Buy USB PIC PROGRAMMERS with a good price. The quantity un limited . if you are interested send email to me : eleckits@yahoo.com best wishes eleckits
  3. Hi ,There I build a project for universal infrared reciever with seven outputs. I want to sell this project as a complete kit. I am ready to sell any quantity you want. Kind Regards Hassan
  4. Hi, All Did anyone try to make inverter depending on mosfet power transistors?
  5. Hi, There For the project for 8way relay board. Can you made it to control more than 16 Devices? if you use decoder it is very good this mean that you have to use four outputs in the parallel Jack for the PC I am need this, Would you please help me? Please Write to me soon
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