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  1. Thank you Hero, but I am not trying to transfer power as such. I merely made reference to the 8hp generator as that was the power source, nothing else. The lower frequency is used for the purpose of inducing rapid vibrations amongst the molecules of various elements. Since I want to do it from a distance, using a directional antenna with a mobile power source (generator) was the method I felt best suited for the task. I want to be able to induce vibrations in the molecules with resonant frequencies rather than by the "brute force" of heat or other process. Could you explain a bit more about super imposing the frequency on the 27 MHz? wont the two frequencies be "mixed up" and the effect of the frequency I want to use be diluted? Thank you again.
  2. I am looking to have built a device that can, via a directional antenna, transmit a certain frequency to a specific spot. I wish to be able to adjust the fequency (between 0 and 1000 Hz) and power it via an 8hp generator. Is there anyone who can help me with the parts required/instructions on how to build it? Thanks in advance
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