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  1. I'm working on a science project for the teenager and am wondering if it will fly. Any advice appreciated. I need to generate 950 watts for 8-10 minutes. The only power source allowed are AA batteries. I was thinking of using 80 AA batteries, connecting 10 per series using Philmore battery holders. Then connect 8 of these 10-packs in parallel. Using (80) 2000-mAh NIMH batteries I would get approximately 16Ah. 950 watts draws about 80-amps. I've measured the peak draw at under 1000 amps when the device first starts up. I will connect this to an Inverter, probably going with 1500-watt inverter though I'm tempted to buy an 1100-watt inverter to save money, but the 1500-watt inverter useful for future projects. I am going to use #4 wire connected to a 150-amp fuse between the battery and inverter just to be safe. I am hoping the voltage drop won't be below what the inverter needs after the inverter efficiency hit, but I have measured my individual cells running at 1amp draw on a full charge to run between 1.25V to 1.3V, so hopefully 10x in series will give me above 12V for the 8-10 minutes I need when all 80 are used. I will use #4 wire between the (8) battery packs. Am I delusional? It doesn't have to be production grade, just function once for a single science fair demo. Can the battery packs handle the current or will I melt the plastic? Can the metal interconnects carry the current when combined in this way?
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